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Australia's leading investors spill their guts on recent investments

[fa icon="calendar'] 06-Jul-2017 10:17:53 / by Marc Cowper posted in capital raise, venture capital

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As data driven entrepreneurs we are trained to seek greater insight through actual behaviour. 

Past sales behaviour is our best data point for forecasting next financial year's profit. Past conversion behaviour helps us predict a new marketing campaign's ability to capture leads...and so on. 

So why don't we apply this same approach to capital raising?

After going through two rounds of funding for Recomazing I found most information focused on generic advice rather than prior behaviour. 

With this in mind we asked Australia's leading investors* to answer the same questions on their most recent investment. The result is a collective insight based on past behaviour to help you get investor ready. 

NB if you're an investor that would like to contribute please reach out and we'll add you.

First, we'll kick off with a brief summary of the insights...

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Capital Raising: Every step I took to raise over $1m in funding for my startup Recomazing

[fa icon="calendar'] 21-Apr-2017 10:11:02 / by Marc Cowper posted in funding, capital raise, venture capital, entrepreneurs

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When I first quit my job to start Recomazing I had absolutely no idea about the world of capital raising. I found the entire process incredibly overwhelming. Around every corner lingered a new term I had never heard of before...'Term Sheets', 'Pre-Money Value', 'Equity Splits', 'Series A'…it was like learning a new language!

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