Jasper AI Black Friday 2024: Exclusive 20% Discount!

Are you looking for how to claim Jasper AI’s black Friday deal? If yes, you have reached the right place to clear all your doubts. 

Jasper AI is one of the market’s best AI tools, which helps create the best content writing for bloggers, content creators, and freelancers. 

The Jasper AI, black Friday deal is the best time to grab a massive discount on Jasper. 

But Jasper hasn’t announced the date and time of the Jasper AI Black Friday deal this year. But don’t worry, as the deal goes live, we will update it. 

So, without wasting any time, let’s get inside into it.

Is Jasper AI Black Friday Live?

No, Jasper AI’s Black Friday deal isn’t live yet. While they have yet to officially announce their deals for 2024, based on previous years, they typically offer a discount around the last week of November.

Even though the Black Friday sale isn’t happening right now, you can still save money on Jasper AI by subscribing to their annual plan. This will get you up to 20% off compared to the monthly plan, plus they also offer a 7-day free trial.

Be sure to watch for Jasper AI’s Black Friday deals in November!

How To Claim Jasper AI Black Friday Deals?

Here, we have given steps to claim Jasper AI Black Friday deal. Let’s dive into it. 

Step 1: Using our exclusive link, visit the official page of Jasper AI and click on Pricing. 

Step 2: Now, you will be redirected to the pricing page and select the plan according to your needs. Now hit the button Start Free 7-Day Trial. 

Japer AI Pricing Plans

Step 3: In the next step, you must create your account by entering your name, email, and password. Now click the button Continue. 

Create Jasper AI Account

Step 3. Check a verification code in your email, enter it in the code box, and click “Verify.”

Verify Your Email

Step 4: You must tell about your business by answering simple questions.

Answer a Few Questions

Step 5: Here, in the final step, you need to enter your payment details and click the button Start Trial. 

Enter Your Billing Details

Hurray! You have claimed the Jasper AI Black Friday deal with a massive discount. 

Jasper AI Features

Jasper AI is the best platform for writing the best content for your blog. It offers robust features for its users. 

  • Starter: Jasper AI helps you get high-quality copy written 5x faster with AI. Jasper is best trained for industry practices and proves that it generates high-quality copy with 50+ templates. 
  • 25+ Language: With Jasper AI, you can write high-quality articles for your blog and social media posts in any language. Its AI assistant helps you write creative copy that helps you convert into more than 25+ languages. 
  • Surfer SEO Integration: If you are new to content writing and SEO, Jasper will offer you training that will teach you step-by-step how to write content 5x faster with Artificial Intelligence, which gives you ideas to optimize your keyword to get you on Google page 1. 
  • Expanded Template: The platform boasts an expanded library of templates and flows, giving users more options and flexibility in their content creation process. This library is continually updated to meet diverse content needs.
  • Smart Suggestions: Jasper AI provides smart suggestions to improve content. These AI-driven recommendations help refine writing, enhance clarity, and ensure the content meets desired standards.
  • New AI Settings Page: The new AI settings page includes a workspace default voice selector, allowing users to set a consistent tone and style for all their content. This feature helps maintain brand voice and ensures uniformity across different pieces of content.

Pricing Plans Of Jasper AI

Jasper AI offers three pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets. Here’s a breakdown:

Jasper AI Pricing
  1. Creator Plan: $39/month (annual billing) or $49/month (monthly billing). Ideal for individuals creating short-form content. They need more word generation.
  2. Pro Plan: $59/month (annual billing) or $69/month (monthly billing). Includes 10,000 words/month, long-form content, Jasper Chat, and a browser extension.
  3. Business Plan: Custom pricing. Unlimited word generation for businesses with larger content needs. Includes user-specific features and integrations.

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Conclusion: Get The Best Deals On Jasper AI During Black Friday!

I hope this article helps you claim the Jasper AI Black Friday deal with a massive discount on it. So Jasper AI is worth all your money and helps you speed up your content creation 5x faster. 

Still, if you have any queries, you can comment on your thoughts in the comment section below. 


Do I have to pay extra to add my team?

No, it doesn’t cost anything to add as many members on Jasper AI at no extra cost. But be sure that new members use the pricing plan so they don’t blow credit.

Is Jasper a desktop or mobile app?

Jasper AI is an online platform that you will access on your browser. Jasper AI is not on the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store.

What is the payment method available for Jasper?

Jasper AI supports all major types of debit cards and credit cards. It doesn’t support Prepaid cards, PayPal, or other cash apps.

Does Jasper AI offer a free trial? 

You can get a 7-day free trial for its users to try this tool, so you have 7 days to learn about this tool for free. 

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