BigCommerce Coupon Code 2024: (Exclusive 10% Discount)

Are you eagerly waiting for the BigCommerce price to go down so you can finally subscribe to its plan to take your e-commerce business to a new level? If yes, then the wait is finally over. 

BigCommerce is like a blessing to any Ecommerce store owners to take their business to new levels. Today it has become such a bigger platform that almost every eCommerce store owner frequently checks the website for discounts and offers. 

Finally, BigCommerce brings something to the table. They are offering a 10% discount upon subscribing to the yearly plan. 

Note: This is just an annual discount offer. We will notify you if any massive discount comes up. We also want you to claim as many discounts as possible. 

This article will take you through the BigCommerce coupon code and how to claim discounts and offers. 

Available BigCommerce Coupon Code 2024 

Whether you’re a newbie or an established eCommerce store owner, you all know the importance of BigCommerce. So we won’t keep you in the dark by faking about the discounts and offers. 

As of today, there is no discount and offers by BigCommerce, but hold on too early to get disappointed. BigCommerce offers a 10% discount on subscribing to yearly plans and a 15-day free trial. 

We will keep you updated if any impressive discounts and offers come up.

How to claim BigCommerce Discount Code? 

If you are exploring around claiming process to get the BigCommerce discount code. Here are the step-by-step instructions to claim the discount. 

Step #1: First, you need to visit the landing page of the BigCommerce website following the given link. 

BigCommerce Official website

Step #2: Once you are redirected to the page, click on “Get Started.”

Step 3: After that, on the next page, you are to provide all the details about your store, which may include the store’s name, the store size, etc.

BigCommerce -details about your store

Step #4: After adding the detail, Tap On Create your Store.”

Step #5: The next page requires you to enter additional information (you can skip the same by clicking on “Ask me Later”).

Step #6: Post that, and you can claim the free trial. 

It’s official! You have successfully claimed the free trial of BigCommerce!

The top right corner of your dashboard shows a 15-day free trial of BigCommerce.

Let’s claim the 10% discount now.

Step #7: If you want the 10% discount, you must upgrade to the annual plan. Just click on “Select a plan.”.

Step #8: When you decide which plan you want to subscribe to, click Select Plan. 

Step #9: You must complete the payment details to get the discount. To get a 10% discount on your plan, you need to locate the left-hand column labeled “Billing Frequency. Select the one with a 10% yearly discount. 

Step #10: You must accept the terms of service and then click “Place Order.”

Finally, you’ve claimed your discount!

BigCommerce Features

BigCommrce offers its users several great features.

  • Code-free website builder: The drag-and-drop builder built into BigCommerce makes creating an impressive website a breeze. No coding skills are required.
  • Top-Notch SEO: Using BigCommerce, you can create optimized search engine websites to rank you higher. Several factors are critical in improving your website’s ranking, including SEO-friendly URLs, sitemaps, and HTTPS.
  • Saving abandoned carts: In the checkout process, you can send a customized email to users who abandoned their shopping carts.
  • Segmenting customers: You can segment your customers by loyalty, their preferences when it comes to purchasing, and more by using BigCommerce’s customer groups feature. This will allow you to target these segments precisely with your advertisements.

BigCommerce Pricing

The following section examines BigCommerce pricing options. There are three plans available with BigCommerce.

BigCommerce Coupon code- Pricing Page

Standard Plan

Perfect for small stores that want to list themselves and begin selling. It costs 29.95/month. As far as features go, this plan is very basic. 

Plus Plan

This plan enables you to increase sales in your e-commerce business by using marketing tools and establishing a sustainable business model. It costs 79.95/month. With great reviews and the most purchased plan of BigCommerce, it’s easy to see why this is the most popular option.

Pro Plan

This is an excellent way to grow your existing business. It costs $269.96/month. With this plan, you will get all of the features that commerce offers and the most advanced features of BigCommerce.

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Conclusion: BigCommerce Coupon Code (2024)

Though BigCommerce is not offering massive discounts, you can still enjoy using 10% off yearly plans. Following the above guide, you get the 10% off your BigCommerce purchase. Many websites offer discounts, but no one works, and BigCommerce only offers 10% off this way.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I get a free trial on BigCommerce?

You can get 15 days of a free trial on BigCommerce so that you can easily try this platform without paying a single penny.

Do they offer any discount?

You will get a 10% discount on BigCommerce Plus and Pro annual plans. 

Do I need a credit card for the free trial?

No, they don’t require your credit card information during the sign-up for the BigCommerce free trial.

Do I get a refund on BigCommerce? 

BigCommerce doesn’t offer any type of refund but you can get 15 days of free trial for its users. 

Can I use a subdomain for my store?

Of course, you can use a subdomain with your BigCommerce store. 

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