The role of marketing technology in providing outstanding customer service

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The article looks into how technology is enabling businesses such as Nike and Microsoft to deliver outstanding online customer service. The article points out that customer service is crucial for online businesses, not just physical ones. 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience yet only 1% of those customers feel as though their needs are currently being met.

Influencer marketing rules ignored

Read time: 2mins

A new study has revealed nearly 50% of UK marketers are either unaware of the rules surrounding influencer marketing or choose to completely ignore them. The article discusses how the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is pulling up brands for not being transparent about ‘paid for’ influencer content.

Why Small Businesses Must Close The Technology Gap For Growth

Read time: 3.5

The article addresses the common misconception amongst small business owners that technology is too difficult or too expensive. With a shout-out to Recomazing as an example of how startups can scale quickly with technology and other cost-effective examples of how SME’s can tackle tech.


“Marketing is actually the penalty that you pay for not having a good product. If you have a good product and people buy it, you don’t need to advertise because you have such a great following they tell their friends,” - Christian Magel, Amaysim founder

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