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John Battelle, founder of Wired magazine and NewCo, shares his top content marketing tools

[fa icon="calendar"] 07-Mar-2017 10:56:43 / by Marilynn Olson


In case you are not aware, John Battelle is kind of a big deal.


Mr Battelle is an entrepreneur, author and journalist. Best known for his work creating media properties, Battelle founded monthly tech magazine Wired, in the 1990s and launched US news website, The Industry Standard, during the dot-com boom. In 2005, he founded the online advertising network Federated Media Publishing.


As John is not one to rest on his laurels, in 2015 he founded NewCo and NewCo Shift, a global festival and content platform. NewCo celebrates businesses on a mission, connecting its audiences to the stories shaping business, politics, and culture as society undergoes the greatest transition since the Industrial Revolution: a shift beyond profit toward purpose-driven enterprise.  


Given his background, we feel it is fair to say John knows a thing, or two thousand, about content marketing. We’re super chuffed John has kindly taken time out of his busy schedule to share his knowledge and expertise for organising and streamlining your content creation with a global team.


Medium is my essential web writing tool. I use it for drafts and personal writing, as well as a platform to manage our publication, NewCo Shift. I can work with literally scores of writers - requesting, editing, managing artwork, publishing, etc.  I still use WordPress as well as Medium, but Medium's built in network and clean interface is hard to beat.



WorkMarket is a SaaS based tool that allows us to quickly stand up freelance contributors who help us create new sections of our publication. All workflow is integrated and it works like a charm. There's really nothing like WorkMarket out there.

I use Slack to manage communications between at least five different groups across not only NewCo teams, but also investors and other communities.  I've considered alternatives for Slack (HipChat, etc) but Slack is used by nearly all the "NewCos" we work with.


Google Suite is absolutely essential to managing workflow between far flung colleagues and partners, in particular to manage complex events, including speaker lists, sponsor documents, and sales presentations. I still do use Microsoft products in parallel with Google Suite, but the sharing and low cost of Google Suite makes them the winner.

I use Evernote mostly for taking notes, storing key information, and notes for future writing. I also share notebooks with colleagues with whom I am developing ideas.


Essential for managing complex marketing and editorial messaging to multiple groups of key customers.  MailChimp has many competitors, but none compete on ease of use and flexibility.


The team here at Recomazing are thrilled to be a part of the maiden NewCo festival in AU, taking place this Thursday, March 9th. If you would like to see incredible purpose driven organisations speak this week, such as OzHarvest, Boodl, UTS, Fishburners, Tank Stream Labs and Spaceship, please use this link, or claim at using the code RecoSyd17.

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