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StartCon headline brands share their favourite tools & services!

[fa icon="calendar"] 23-Nov-2017 14:11:51 / by Freya Hunter

Freya Hunter

With StartCon just around the corner, we were lucky enough to catch up with six brands who will be presenting at the two-day conference to see which tools and services they love.

For those who don’t know (or have been offline for the last 8 years) StartCon has is Australia's largest conference for entrepreneurs, startups, marketers and growth & innovation teams at corporates.

Kicking off on the 1st of December, part of the line-up includes  international speakers who are flying in from Silicon Valley to Singapore to keynote about:

  • Design: The Ultimate Tool In Your Growth Toolbox, Founder & CEO of Dribbble, Zack Onisko
  • How to Operationalise Growth, Joanna Lord, CMO of ClassPass
  • Predictive Marketing Automation, Guillaume Cabane, VP Growth of Segment
View the full line up here!

So without further ado, let's see what zipMoney, SafetyCulture, Winning by Design, HubSpot, Digivizer & BuddingTech reco...


1. zipMoney: Optimizely

zipMoney's CIO, Adam Finger says one of his favourite tools is Optimizley.

“Being able to experiment and test different hypothesis is critical to growth and the product development lifecycle. Being a data-driven organisation is fundamental to zip, and without leveraging tools such as Optimizely everything we build would continue to simply be based on 'gut-feel' rather than factual data,” said Adam.

Adam’s colleague and zipMoney CEO & Founder Larry Diamond will be taking the stage at StartCon this year sharing his insights on how zipMoney has grown into a >$100m ASX listed fintech company.


2. SafetyCulture: Clearbit

SafetyCulture's Analytics Lead, Matt Antoniazzi says Clearbit is an important tool for the growing company.

“We use Clearbit to enrich the dataset of our users. We use that data in combination with usage data to lead score the customer to understand which one to prioritise as a lead. We then send this information to our customer success team to follow up. The other way we use Clearbit is to understand industry-specific information. It's important for us to know which industry our users are in. My biggest tip is to use Clearbit from the start. Start using it as early as possible when launching your business. The earlier you implement it, the better off you’ll be in the long-run," said Matt.

Matt’s’ colleague and SafetyCulture CEO, Luke Anear, will be taking the stage at StartCon this year for a fireside chat about how the company has revolutionised safety and quality management with their iAuditor app, the most widely used auditing app in the world.


3. Winning by Design: Attach

Winning by Design Sales Architect, Andy Farquharson will be taking the stage at StartCon this year to share his insights on how you can improve the key moments in your sales process, based off his experience working with 220+ high growth businesses.

One of Andy's favourite tools is Attach:

"Attach allows you to digitally mind read people who are reading your documents. Just upload the doc to Attach (they host which is great) and it shows user scrolling, tells when they open the doc, what they stop at, what pages, etc," said Andy.


4. HubSpot: SEMrush

James Gilbert, Head of Marketing, APAC at HubSpot is a self described SAAS and E-commerce junkie. James’ happy place is deep in a spreadsheet, coming up with insights that will drive HubSpot forward.

James says SEMrush is a tool he loves:

SEMrush is a must-have tool for SEO. Once I have used BuzzSumo to see what content people are into, I use SEMrush to see the volume of searches and traffic driven” said James.

James’ colleague Kim Walsh, Global Director at HubSpot for Startups will be taking the stage at StartCon this year speaking about how she helps startups grow.


5. Digivizer: Facebook

Emma Lo Russo is the CEO of Australia’s leading social web analytics and activations company and will be presenting at StartCon about her 7-year journey, from leaving the safety of a large, C-level corporate role to start her own venture - to raising capital to take the company to expand internationally.   

With a passion for social media, one of Emma’s favourite tools is Facebook which she uses daily to connect with her audience.

“Like many social tools, Facebook is one of the best tools to engage your audience. With 17 million Australians on Facebook, 10 million of them check in on their mobile each day so it’s crazy not to be on the platform.

"For example, I have a public setting on my profile and I share my life as a mother of three kids and a businesswoman. I am very passionate about Digivizer and sharing the journey I am on. My profile is an expression of who I am and I have found increasingly that when I am sharing news about the business and my life I am getting high engagement and generating leads as I am being my genuine self," said Emma.


6. BuddingTech: 

Adam Miller, BuddingTech CEO first became involved in the medical cannabis space in 2015 due to his passion for the medicine and belief in innovation stimulating its growth. He then founded BuddingTech in 2016, Australia’s first medical cannabis innovation coordination program. 

Adam will be speaking at StartCon this year about the evolution of medical cannabis in Australia. This budding (excuse the pun..) entrepreneur says his favourite tool is

"I really like because it is a simple to use but the output is really polished. I built my website on and it didn't take very long to do - it's fun to play around with and user-friendly," said Adam.


A big thank you to all of the brands for taking part in this year's StartCon reco-wrap up and best of luck with your talks.


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Freya Hunter

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