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The Great Pirate Metric Debate: Growth hacker stacks revealed

[fa icon="calendar"] 10-Aug-2017 10:32:58 / by Freya Hunter

Freya Hunter

They came, they saw and they debated. Last night Australia’s leading growth hackers took the stage at the Growth Hackers Australia Sydney meetup to define and defend their Pirate Metric Funnel stack.

Held at Freelancer HQ, Anna Cheng, AP Growth at Spaceship, David Quan, Academy Xi Advice Lead and Growth and Xingyi Ho, Growth team at Canva were quizzed by Recomazing Founder Marc Cowper about how they used these tools and services to drive growth at their businesses.

Also on the night, the Great Pirate Metric Debate competition was announced. To find out how to win yourself $750 to put towards your ultimate Pirate Metric stack, click here.



Before we jump into our panellist's stacks, if you need a refresher on what the Pirate Metric Funnel is and why it’s such an important part of every startup, click here. Our blog post will walk you through the framework behind the funnel and introduce you to all of our panellists.

We would also like to thank the following awesome people and partners for supporting the event:

So without further ado, below is a summary of the tools and services our panellists use to drive growth in their business through the framework of the Pirate Metric Funnel:


See below some key insights from each of our panelists about their favourite Pirate Metric Funnel tools:


"When it comes to the acquisition stage of the Pirate Metric Funnel, Facebook Ads is both an obvious, yet controversial reco. I’m a fan of Facebook ads because they can be used for a multitude of different purposes and campaigns: testing audiences, testing value propositions, general brand awareness, conversions, upsells, activation - you name it. Facebook’s ad manager also has vast and accurate targeting options as well as an algorithm that will optimise the display of your ads for you. It can be both customisable and hands-off depending on how you choose to use it. This tool is relevant to all stages of business: pre launch, launch, growth and established.


My favourite hack is layered remarketing which consists of four ads across a four week period each promoting a different reason to come back to your website and purchase, with an increased level of urgency at each stage. This can be done by using the Facebook Pixel and custom audiences. My only watch-out would be that the Facebook ad manager is slow and at times it can be difficult to create or edit multiple campaigns and ad sets all at once".


See Anna's full stack here






"When it comes to the activation stage of the Pirate Metric Funnel, Drip is a great tool for sending customers personalised emails. In fact, Academy Xi’s move to Drip was really to pursue the ability to send more personalised emails with better segmentation at a lower cost (even with basic personalisation/segmentation on MailChimp, e.g. simple text emails from Ben Wong doubled our open rate from 20% to 40% and click rate tripled from 2% to 6%). Drip is relevant to those businesses in the prelaunch, launch and growth stages".


See David's full stack here






"We use Usertesting at Canva to understand how users use our product. I’ve personally used it for activation & retention. Product designers use it for various aspects of our product.

My favourite hack is to segment and choose who should do a Usertest. For instance, you want to test for low connectivity, test it in developing countries where internet is generally slower.

Any business in any stage can use this tool. It’s much better than a survey as you can observe how actual users are using your product, at scale!"


See Xingyi's full stack here 


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