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The Great Pirate Metric Debate!

[fa icon="calendar"] 26-Jul-2017 16:37:12 / by Freya Hunter

Freya Hunter

On Wednesday, 9th of August at Growth Hackers Australia meetup,  Australia’s top Growth Hackers will share, defend, analyse and detail their Pirate Metric (PM) stacks.

Recomazing Founder, Marc Cowper will be moderating a panel discussion through analysing each stage of the funnel (acquisition, activation, retention, referral, revenue).  

Marc will be joined on stage by Anna Cheng, AP Growth at Spaceship, David Quan, Academy Xi Advice Lead and Growth and Xingyi Ho, Growth team at Canva, to discuss why they chose their specific tools and services. The debate will close with an opportunity for the audience to ask the panellists questions about their specific tools/tips/tricks.


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We’re super excited for this dazzling line-up, you can get to know them a little more below:


Anna is currently leading Growth at Australia’s fastest growing Fintech startup, Spaceship. Since December, Anna has helped Spaceship acquire over 40,000 signups and more than $100m in Funds under Management (FuM). Since age 19, Anna has had experience as a Growth Marketing instructor at Academy Xi, a Growth Hacker at Uprise and as a co-founder of Foodi.

Anna’s favourite tool from her Pirate Metric Funnel: AutoPilot

“To me, activation is the most important (and often overlooked) metric in the standard pirate metrics funnel. Autopilot is a simple visual editor for automated emails that we use to push customers towards our activation point. It offers excellent visualisation over the customer email journey and there is little to no learning curve for getting started. The UX is great and offers great integrations with a variety of other tools, which means that you can create triggers that will allow for more targeted email journeys. This makes the tool great for creating email journeys that are triggered based on where your lead may have dropped off in your onboarding funnel. That being said, remember that the tool itself won’t make or break your email - your email will only perform well if the content is relevant and valuable to the reader. You will still need to test everything (which, thankfully, Autopilot has an in-built feature for). No shortcuts!”



Nerdy as hell by nature, David got the start-up bug in his University years and never got a chance to try it till now. He had to tick off a few corporate boxes because of his asian heritage and finally found a startup to fall in love with, for now.

He joined Academy Xi in Feb 2017 as a course advisor and is currently leading the Advice team in Melbourne and Sydney, with some side projects in Growth just to make sure the company is in the right growth trajectory. Besides work, he is an avid reader, mentor, and a damn sucker for hikes in nature.

David’s favourite tool from his Pirate Metric Funnel: Zapier

“Zapier, simply because I can do so much more with my existing stack without having to go out and get another tool for the same purpose”.



Xingyi works cross-functionally with the growth and data team at Canva. Since joining the team in 2016, he has worked on product analytics, product growth and very recently, a part of international growth. He is most excited when there is an opportunity to be both customer and data-driven and has followed this principle religiously to improve key metrics.

Prior to joining Canva, he has built 2 award-winning startups since the age of 15 with over 300,000 users.

Xingyi’s favourite tool from his Pirate Metric Funnel: Amplitude

“Extremely powerful yet easy-to-use product analytics platform”.




After founding Recomazing, Marc realised how bloody difficult it was to build a tech startup. As a result, Marc and his team pivoted the business to focus on helping other entrepreneurs. Recomazing is now Australia's largest database of recommended tools and services to grow your business.

Outside Recomazing Marc spends his time helping drive ecosystem collaboration between entrepreneurs, investors and corporates on the Board Member of Fishburners (Australia's largest startup space) and as an Advisory Board member at NewCo (a global initiative celebrating purpose-led innovation).

Marc’s favourite tool from his Pirate Metric Funnel: FullStory

"Switched from mouse flow to FullStory as we found mouse flow very buggy and struggled to see the replays properly. I'm finding FullStory far better than any other user story capture tool. I am a little obsessed with it and watch every day on the bus to see where our users could have a better experience. I love that you can add a note to a screen capture then auto send it to slack and Trello as a ticket to be worked on by the dev team. Massive efficiency maker!"


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We hope to see you there!

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Freya Hunter

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