Book Bolt Coupon Code 2024: (Exclusive 20% Discount)

Curious to know how to redeem Book Bolt Coupon Code? If so, then you have landed the right blog post. 

Book Bolt allows you to create a book from the beginning for publishing beginner-friendly and low-content software books. It provides the opportunity to grow business by publishing the book without writing anything. 

So here in this article, we will discuss the working discount offers and how to redeem it. 

Available Book Bolt Coupon Code In 2024: 

At this time, Book Bolt offers only one coupon offer, “official20off“. This coupon offer will help you get a 20% discount on every all the Book Bolt pricing plans. 

Book Bolt also offers many other coupon codes from time to time. So get in touch with us to explore the latest Book Bolt Coupon Code update. 

Steps To Redeem Book Bolt Coupon Code: 

Here we have given a step-by-step guide that you should follow to redeem the Coupon Code. Let’s get inside it. 

Step #1: Visit the official website of Book Bolt and click on Pricing. 

 Book Bolt official

Step #2: Now, you have to choose the plan according to your need and click on Free Trial.  

Book Bolt pricing

Step #3: Here, you need to create your account and click on Next or simply log in to your existing account. 

Create your account

Step #4: You must enter your payment information by filling in your card details, entering the coupon code “official20off,” and clicking on Register. 

Your payment information

Benefit Of Using Book Bolt: 

Book Bolt is the best software that offers all the features which you need to navigate this platform. So here we have listed the benefits of using Book Bolt. 

  • Customer-friendly books to sell. 
  • It is simple to use for getting a book published 
  • Best platform for book research 
  • You can get millions of royalty-free images 
  • It is a most effective keyword research tool 
  • Mix-match interior files to create puzzle interiors 
  • Best cover design software 
  • More than 1200 free font cover creator 
  • Product database and trend scout 

Book Bolt Pricing Plan: 

Book Bolt offers two different types of low-cost pricing plans for its users. Let’s get inside it. 

Book Bolt Pricing Plan

1. Newbie Plan:

Its monthly plan starts at $9.99 per month and $89.99 per year if you pay yearly. This plan will offer you a 3-day free trial, KDP spy, Amazon search volume, keyword/product research, 24/7 customer support, and cover/interior design. 

2. Pro Plan:

Its monthly plan starts at $19.99 per month and 199.99 per year if you pay annually. In this plan, you will get all the features and tools that the Newbie plan offers with one advanced feature puzzle creation software. 

Pros & Cons Of Book Bolt:

In this section we have listed some pros & cons of the Book Bolt, let’s get inside it. 


  • Listing Optimization 
  • Very easy to use its dashboard 
  • Offers resourceful tool 
  • Offers puzzle creation software 
  • You can conduct keyword & product research 
  • Built-in design feature
  • Drag and drop editor 
  • Product database and trends Hunter 
  • Sells personalize books that customers want 
  • Offers free trial 


  • A customer support system is a little slow
  • It is quite expensive

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Conclusion: Book Bolt Coupon Code (2024)

Are you still confused about whether Book Bolt is worth it or not? Let me clear your doubt. This is the only software that offers keyword research, cover design, KDP spy ability, interior generation, and many more. 

In my opinion, this article will surely help you to claim Book Bolt Coupon Code to get a considerable discount. But if you find any difficulty or you have any queries about claiming the coupon code, don’t hesitate to comment your thought in the comment box.

FAQs On Book Bolt Coupon Code: 

Can I try Book Bolt for free?

Of course, you can try it for free as they offer 3 days of free trial so that you can get familiar with its service and features.

Can I get a discount on Book Bolt?

Absolutely, using our exclusive coupon code “official20off” you will get an instant 20% discount on subscribing to any of its pricing plans.

Do they offer any refunds?

They don’t offer any refund policy for now, but you can get 3 days of free trial to make sure that it is best for you.

Can I upgrade my subscription?

Of course, you can upgrade your plan, go to your account setting and choose the plan you want to upgrade.

Do I need access to the KDP account?

No, you don’t need access to the KDP account, it is a standalone software that is used to produce and research best-selling books for the KDP account.

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