Magoosh Promo Code 2023: (Exclusive 30% Discount)

Magoosh Promo Code - Recomazing

Everyone has the right to an education, but obtaining one requires consideration of a number of factors, including both regulations and costs. Magoosh Promo offers a cost-effective way to get a top-notch education.

Plenty of students have used Magoosh to lower their exam anxiety and use these study methods before exams. So if you are also stressing yourself out for an upcoming exam, Magoosh can help you.

As they think everyone should have access to education, they offer several free lectures. Students must like their education in addition to mastering it.

In this post, we have mentioned a few promo codes of Magoosh that can help you save a few bucks. 

Available Offers Of Magoosh Promo Code In 2023

Promo Codes Of MagooshExisting Offers &Coupons
Magoosh Best Offer For SAT-” SATNYE2023”Get up to 30% of SAT courses
Magoosh Coupon Code ACT-” ACTNYE2023”Get ACT courses with a 30% discount
Magoosh Get Code-” NYE2023”Save up to 30% on GRE &LSAT Course fees
Magoosh Get DealSave up to 15% on any chosen course
Magoosh Coupon Code-” GMATNYE2023”Get a 30% discount on GMAT plans.
Magoosh Promo CodeHave GRE 6 months plan @$149

Profitable Coupon Offers: Why Choose Magoosh?

Magoosh offers online GRE tutoring where you may learn from video sessions, in-person classes, and even downloaded files to improve your skills. Regular assessment tests are given so you may track your development and raise your score over time. Getting GRE training from Magoosh will help you achieve the score you need to earn a seat at the university or city of your choice. Magoosh has educated 1.5 million pupils, and the outcomes are guaranteed to increase your points by +5.

  • Provides money-back guarantee
  • Save a huge sum on GRE Training to other vast sets of competitive entrance exams

How To Claim Magoosh Promo Code (Step By Step Guide)

After explaining all the available offers of Magoosh, we will now walk you through how you can claim these promo codes without any hassle.

Step 1: Go to Magoosh’s official website first Magoosh.

Step 2: Click on the exam you’re planning to take.

Select your exam

Step 3: You will be redirected to the details page of that exam. To check the pricing, click on the “Explore Our Plans” button.

Explore Your Plan

Step 4: Now you’re at the pricing page of the exam you are planning to prepare for. All the plans of Magoosh depend on how long you want to access its course materials. After making up your mind, just click on the “Sign Up Now” option.

Choose Your Plan

Step 5: Finish the registration procedure by providing all necessary information.

Create Account

Step 6: At the payment page, you can decide to pay in one full payment or in installments.

Select Payment Option

Step 7: Choose a payment option and enter all of your information.

Payment Method

Step 8: The promotional code is automatically used; you don’t need to put it explicitly. (Here RE=Promo Code)

Step 9: The final step is to select “Complete Order” after accepting the terms and conditions.

Enter Promo Code

Once you have carefully followed the directions above, you are done.

 Using our special Magoosh promo code was successful for you. So relax while you study and be completely confident in your test preparation.

When Magoosh Courses Go On Sale?

You can find sales and discount offers on Magoosh all the time, as they run special offers all year which help students to get Magoosh courses at a reasonable price. This is the reason it is very easy to find Magoosh Promo Code for the exam you are preparing for. 

You may not see any discounted prices directly on Magoosh’s official website, so you need a genuine and working coupon or promo code to claim this discount. To grab this discount you need to enter the promo code during the checkout. 

Magoosh Pricing Plans

Each subscription consists of three payments, with a typical introductory price provided by Magoosh promo codes and the course structure. While the final is a membership for supervised study, the previous two are part of the self-study plan.

Each Magoosh user has a different payment plan depending on their entrance exam. Check out the chart below for more information about its cost.

Examination to ChooseAvailable SchemeCostBest Features and Content 
GMATOne to six months$149 to $5491 month of access plus a 5 overall score assuranceConsult an expert option 
Score predictor available Can  Stop what you’re doing8 whole sections of authorized, official GRE® questions comprehensive math, verbal, and AWA coverageEducative video lessons more than 1600 practice inquiries3 maximum practice exams from your database of 1600 practice questions, we create our timed and scored full-length practice exams. With Magoosh, we advise taking three exams. Along with this, you are  free to take many .plans for studying
TOEFLOne to Six Months$109 to $129A TOEFL study guide, 6 full-length practice exams, graded writing aid, open-ended questions for subject matter experts, etc. are examples of informational tools.
GREOne to Six Months$129 to $399The GRE has eight officially licensed sets of questions that cover a lot of AWA and math.
IELTSOne to Six Months$109 to $129Score predictors, graded writing, target band score guarantee, peaking assessments, and other helpful tools are included in the course.
SATOne to Six Months$129 to $399Based on data, engaging classes score prediction. Practice questions, various video courses, and study guides are available.
ACTOne to Six Months$129 to $399Smart progress monitoring, a guarantee that your score will improve, a thoughtful study plan, ACT’s online support, etc.
PraxisOne to Six Months$79 to $99The preparation program covers everything from reading and writing to the Praxis core arithmetic. Feedback and assistance with practice questions are sent via private email.

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Final Thoughts: Magoosh Promo Code (2023)

The platform provided by Magoosh is fantastic for helping you get ready for competitive exams. The curriculum they create makes it simple and convenient for the students to learn on the go or in their own time.

Utilize the chance offered by the top Magoosh promo code, enticing discounts, and specials, and grab these tickets to ace the test and get accepted to your desired college.

If you have any queries or comments, please reach out to our team; we are there to help you.


How do I know a Magoosh Promo code works or not?

Entering a promo code into the area marked on the checkout page is the best way to test a Magoosh coupon. If the code is legitimate, you should see a reduction in the total amount due.

Which is the best way to get Magoosh GRE discount?

You may receive fantastic savings on the GRE when you utilize the promo codes we mentioned for Magoosh above. For instance, you can take advantage of the 30% discount offer or pay $149 to enroll in the 6-month training plan.

How do I get Magoosh promotional code for GRE?

You’ll receive a GRE voucher number when signing up for the test if your request for a fee waiver is accepted.

Do they store my credit details?

No, they don’t store any credit card details as all transactions are run by PayPal. 

How do I get support?

Yes, you will get support as Magoosh has a dedicated customer team, you can use the Help button on your dashboard or mail them at

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