MerchantWords Discount Coupon (2023)


On the fence about choosing a subscription on MerchantWords? Before you do that, check out this exclusive MerchantWords Discount to save a few bucks on your purchase.

Merchant Words is an uprising Amazon seller tool that is gaining popularity. Many popular Amazon seller tools are available in the market, such as Jungle Scout, Helium 10, and Viral Launch. Still, people prefer Merchant Words because of its data & services. You can quickly identify profitable keywords & emerging trends with Merchant Words.

To help you save money on purchasing a Merchant Words subscription, I brought you this exclusive Merchant Words Discount that can help you save up to 40%. Stick around till the end to find out the pricing of Merchant Words.

Let’s get into all the details.

Available Merchant Words Discount Offers 2023

Here are the best Merchant Words Discount offers for you.

Discount 1. If you use this exclusive offer to purchase the Gold Plan subscription, you can save 40% on this plan for three consecutive months. This offer only works on the Gold plan, so make sure you select the Gold plan when making the purchase.

Discount 2. If you choose to pay for the annual version of any plan, then you will get a discount equivalent to two months which means you can get two months free with the annual version. If you’re planning to commit to Merchant Words for a long time, then I would suggest you go with this one.

So these are the available discount offers on Merchant Words.

How To Claim Merchant Words Discount Offers?

I have already explained the available Merchant Words Discount offers, and now I am going to explain the steps to claim these offers. Follow all of these in the same order to get the discount applied.

Step #1: You will not find the discount on the official website. You need to click on this unique discount link which will activate the offer for you instantly. On the homepage of Merchant Words, you will see the pricing option. Click on it to see all the available pricing options. 

Merchant Words Discount Pricing Plan

Step #2: In the pricing section, you can see that Merchant Words offer four pricing options. You can get the 40% discount only on the Gold Plan. So click on the “Subscribe Now” button under the Gold Plan to move to the checkout section.

Merchant Word Gold plan

Step #3: Enter your email address and your card details to complete the payment on Merchant Words. As soon as you fill in all the details, click on the “Subscribe” button.

Payment Detail

As soon as you make the payment, Merchant Words will send you an account activation email, including your login credentials. Now you can use the login credentials and start using Merchant Words to grow your business exponentially.

MerchantWords Overview: 

MerchantWords is one of the most substantial databases of shopper keyword search data accessible anywhere. It collects data from the world’s largest search engine Amazon. It also helps you to see what is in the mind of your customers and shoppers and instruct you to build agile and powerful strategies to grow your business. 

MerchantWords Overview

With MerchantWords, you can easily find high-quality keywords, emerging search trends, search volume history, and keyword search volume. Besides these things, you can also get product pricing, supply, and reliable information on your competition so that you can connect with appropriate customers and scale your sale. 

Merchant Words Pricing Plans

Merchant Words recently introduced an Enterprise plan, and now four pricing options are available. I will explain all the pricing options in detail in this section.

Merchant Word Pricing Plan

1. Silver Plan: The silver plan has monthly pricing of $35/mo and annual pricing of $350/year. With the annual plan, you get two months free. You can only choose one country to sell in on Amazon with one user seat. This plan gives you five digital shelf reports/mo, 500 CSV downloads, 500 searches/mo, ten keyword collections, bulk search feature, 25 searches/mo market insights, sales & revenue estimates feature, classic search feature, page one products, ASIN plus feature, and keyword explorer feature.

2. Gold Plan: The gold plan has monthly pricing of $79/mo and annual pricing of $790/year. This plan includes all the Silver plan features. You can only choose one region to sell in on Amazon with one user seat. This plan gives you 50 digital shelf reports, 2K CSV downloads, 1000 searches/mo, 100 keyword collections, 100 searches/mo for market insights, emerging trends feature, and keyword multiplier feature.

3. Platinum Plan: The platinum plan has monthly pricing of $149/mo and annual pricing of $1490/year. This plan includes all the Gold plan features. This plan allows you to sell on a Global level on Amazon with three user seats. This plan gives you 500 digital shelf reports, 5K CSV downloads, unlimited monthly searches, 10K searches/mo for market insights, 1K keyword collections, etc.

4. Enterprise Plan: The enterprise plan has monthly pricing of $749/mo, and there is no annual pricing for this. This plan includes all the Platinum features. This plan gives you 20 user seats. This plan also gives you 10K CSV downloads, 10K digital shelf reports, 100K search/mo for market insights, and 10K keyword collections.

So these are the available pricing options on Merchant Words.

Is MerchantWords Best Choice For Me? 

As long as you are an Amazon seller, then MerchantWords is the best choice for you. So let us know why? Most Amazon seller tools offer data that is not genuine and has the perfect metric that you want. 

Fortunately, that’s not the case in MerchantWords, as the data offered by the MerchantWords directly comes from the Amazon auto-complete search bar. The best thing about this tool is that it collects trends of products and keywords as they are happening so that you will always be updated with correct metrics and data. 

Pros & Cons Of MerchantWords: 

Here we have listed the pros & cons of MerchanWords that you should know. 


  • Easy and simple user interface 
  • Detailed insight into consumer demand 
  • Quick Amazon keyword research 
  • Extensive database for shopper keyword 
  • Easily measures demand for the product 
  • Winning products marketing strategies 
  • Brand new shopper searches 


  • UI accuracy is limited 
  • A little bit pricey for the beginners 

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Conclusion: Merchant Words Discount Code 2023

Merchant Words is the best tool for product research, keyword research, finding trends, finding top-ranking keywords, and so many other things. Their developers’ team is constantly pushing updates to the tool, making it better daily. That’s why over 200K sellers have already joined Merchant Words and scraped over 2 billion keywords on Amazon. 

With this Merchant Words Discount, I hope you can get the discount you’re looking for. Let me know your thoughts on Merchant Words in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does MerchantWords offer any free trial?

MerchantWords is not offering any kind of free trial as of now, but you can try it free for 14 days because it offers 14 day of money-back guarantee for its users.

What payment methods does it accept? 

MerchantWords accept all major types of credit cards and bank-issued debit cards, but it is not accepting PayPal as of now.

Does it offer any money-back guarantee?

MerchantWord is offering 14 days of money-back guarantee for all its subscribers. If you are unsatisfied with its features, you can get a 100% refund within 14 days of purchasing it.

Why do I keep getting logged out from my account?

MerchantWords subscription is only for one user per device, if you are getting logged out from your account that means the season has been initiated on another browser.

How usually data is updated on the MerchantWords?

MerchantWords assembles Amazon keywords and SERP metrics on a regular basis and updates data within 4 weeks.

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