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3 Tips for Making Quick Videos for Social

[fa icon="calendar"] 01-Mar-2018 09:27:18 / by Freya Hunter

Freya Hunter

Recently we shared how essential video marketing will be for your business in 2018. So to help you start, we wanted to share Powtoon, a great tool to help you quickly create fun videos for your business (it’s like Canva for video)!

So what's the best way to create quick and epic videos?

Nick Liebman, Head of Content at Powtoon says to get the most out of the tool, consider these three steps. He says these tips will help you begin with the end in mind, so you don't waste your valuable time and ensure your final video is what you set out to create!


1. Start with a script! 

I know what you're thinking - scriptwriting?! I just want to bring my pitch to life, now I gotta be Martin Scorsese? Don't worry, a script for a 90-second explainer is a lot simpler than a Hollywood blockbuster - but no less important. Write out exactly which text will appear when, think about the journey you're taking your audience on, and remember to have a clear CTA at the end of your script!


2. It's all about templates!

Sometimes, just getting started with your video can be tough. Where do you find those initial ideas? How can I be sure I'm using a script or sequence that will truly influence my audience? Our advice - rely on templates! Whether you're customizing an entire ready-made template or just browsing for inspiration, Powtoon's team of designers have worked with our users to optimize templates for almost any use. 


3. Video Backgrounds are Key

The camera is the new keyboard, people! Getting your message out via live-action video is proving to be incredibly powerful. But how do you stand out in an environment of near video-ubiquity? Use your video as a background, and then add text, overlays, characters and any other animated elements to provide your viewers with a rich, compelling and layered visual experience they won't be able to forget. 


But wait, there's more.


Our 10 Minute Experiement

To test the simplicity of Powtoon we decided to give ourselves a timeline of 10 minutes to create an explainer video. Check it out below:



So while it may not be the BEST video in the world, it only took 10 minutes to create - just imagine if we spent 20 minutes on the clip!


An Offer For You

While there is a free plan to get started, it has limitations (e.g. you need to include their logo). So, because we love you guys so much we've organised a discount with the Powtoon team. You’ll get 50% off the Business Annual plan (reduced from $708 to $354).

You can check out the offer here.

Heads up that this offer needs to be claimed by May 1st get a move on!

Now go get ‘em Spielberg!



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Freya Hunter

Written by Freya Hunter

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