DataCamp Discount 2023 — (Exclusive 61% Discount)

DataCamp Discount - Recomazing

Are you eagerly waiting for the discount of a decade on Datacamp so that you enjoy exploring multiple coding courses right at your fingertips? If yes, the good news is in front of your eyes. 

Datacamp is offering an exceptional discount of 61% on the premium plan. Your budget doesn’t matter; you can still enroll in your favorite courses and improve your coding skills. On this online platform, you can discover data skills without rushing. Whether you need non-coding necessities or help with machine learning and data science, Datacamp offers everything.

We’ve put together these step-by-step instructions to help you claim your discount and enroll in your favorite coding courses.

Available DataCamp Discount (2023)

DataCamp is currently offering a 61% discount on its annual plan. You don’t need to use any discount code to take advantage of the discount, as they have released the discount on the company website. 

You can take advantage of the discounted rate by simply visiting the website. All Datacamp plans are eligible for this discount, including Datacamp for teams and Datacamp premium. Get a 61% discount on any plan today! 

The current price: $149/per yearThe discount price: $59/per year.

It is beneficial to use this discount code because you do not have to apply it manually during checkout. On the landing page, simply click on the discount banner to take advantage of the discount.

Note: If you want to learn about coding from one of the best data science platforms, take advantage of this offer; it is only valid for a few days, so if you’re interested, grab it now!

What is the process for redeeming a DataCamp coupon code? 

Having introduced you to the best deal to begin your coding journey, let us take a minute to demonstrate how you can redeem your discount code, so you can begin coding immediately.

Here are some easy steps that will help you redeem the discount!

Step #1: To begin, you must visit the official website of Datacamp following the given link.

 official website of Datacamp

Step #2: Once you are redirected to the website, you will find the discount countdown at the top of the page. Click on that to grab the discount. 

DataCamp Discount-find the discount countdown

Step #3: On the next page, you will get the premium plan at a discounted rate. Click “Buy Now.”

DataCamp Discount - Premium Plan

Step #4: Log in to your Datacamp account and if you are a new user, complete all the necessary information on the displayed page and click Get started to sign up for Datacamp.

Log in to your Datacamp account

Step #5: After login, you need to choose the plan, you want to subscribe to enjoy the service. 

DataCamp-choose the plan, you want to subscribe

Step %5: You will be redirected to their payment page when you click on Datacamp’s payment link. Select a payment method, and you’re done. To continue, you must enter your credentials again and click on continue. 

Step #6: The final step is to review and confirm your submission. This is where you confirm your payment and review your plan.

There you go! With this discount, you can take advantage of the best courses!

Is DataCamp Worth the try?

DataCamp is a platform that offers online learning to people of all ages and backgrounds, which offers more than 380 courses on different subjects at their convenience. This learning method comprises four stages: Learn, Assess, Practice, and Apply, which are divided into four different components. To have a quality learning experience, you need to consider these four parts. As part of DataCamp, students can choose from three tracks of courses: Career Tracks, Launching New Technologies, and Skill Tracks.

It is also possible to obtain certification for several data analyst and data scientist courses at DataCamp. For their learners to receive these certificates, DataCamp offers them once they complete their course. Using this certificate, they can find a job as a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, or Data Engineer in their desired industry. DataCamp is the best option for those planning to become Data Scientists shortly.

Datacamp Pricing

Datacamp Pricing

For its users, Datacamp offers both monthly and annual memberships. Despite this, there are no limitations at either time when it comes to its use, and their plans offer the same benefits and functionalities regardless of your subscription period. 

Datacamp has three plans for its users:

  • Datacamp premium: Among the most popular plans. There is no restriction on this plan, so it is perfect for those looking to take high-quality courses. With this plan, you will gain access to over 350 learning resources, such as Tableau, Oracle, and Power BI courses. The plan starts at a monthly price of $15 and ends with a yearly price of $149.
  • Datacamp for teams: Designed for smaller groups, it will provide you with a dashboard to manage your team members from a central location. With this license, you get two seats, two for learning and two for administration. Each person is charged $300 per year for this plan, and the plan comes with two rights, which means that, in total, you must pay $600 for this plan every year.
  • Premium Student Plan: The plan is only available to university students that award degrees. As a result, the cost of Datacamp is $99 for these students each year. There are more than 380 courses included in this plan, which means more than 1500 hours of content in total. This plan usually costs $149 per year, but through our exclusive offer, you can get it for just $99 per year instead of $149.

Which Plan To Choose?

Choosing the right plan can be a difficult task for anyone, so here we have prepared a pricing comparison chart of Datacamp which help to choose the right plan. 

Features Basic PlanPremium PlanTeam Plan
Price$0$9.11 per month$12.42 per user/month
Skill Assessment 
Access To Library
Live Code Along
Completion Certificates
Admin Dashboard
Employment Ready Program
Personalized Learning Path
Global Slack Community 
License Management 
Customer Support
Team Performance Report
Bit size practice exercise Limited

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Final Thoughts: DataCamp Discount (2023)

The DataCamp platform is undoubtedly one of the best platforms available to learn about data science, if not the best. Many powerful tools and features are included in it, so you will be excited and engaged while learning with it.

A multi-faceted array of options is available at Datacamps, whether you’re a student passionate about learning or a teacher looking to enhance your skills. With a discount like this, where each plan can be discounted by up to 60%, it is an incredible deal to take advantage of. 

Is there anything keeping you from taking the opportunity? Don’t miss out on this offer before it’s too late!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much discount do I get on DataCamp?

You can claim a flat 60% discount on DataCamp using our exclusive discount link.

Does DataCamp offer a money-back guarantee?

There is no refund policy offered by DataCamp as all its pricing plans are non-refundable.

Do they offer a free trial?

DataCamp doesn’t offer any type of free trial but you can try this tool for free it offers a free plan for all its subscribers.

How will I charge? 

As you begin your subscription you will be charged on a monthly or annual basis depending on the plan you choose.

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