Mindvalley Discount Coupon 2023: (Live 60% OFF)

Mindvalley Discount Coupon - Recomazing

As a reputable online learning platform, Mindvalley focuses on helping people achieve success in improving their lives through training their bodies and minds. Founded nearly two decades ago, Mindvalley has more than 12 million students in 80 various countries. It offers more than 50 courses on diverse topics such as setting goals, meditation, conscious parenting, and the like. They follow a learning approach based on peak performance, neuroscience, and speed learning techniques. Now, let us look at the available Mindvalley discount coupon.

What are the Discount Coupons Available On Mindvalley In 2023?

Mindvalley offers 60% off on its annual membership. Now, you can get it for $24.90 every month. 

How to Claim a Discount Coupon on Mindvalley? (Step By Step)

You can follow the steps given below to avail a coupon code on Mindvalley.

Step#1. After visiting the official website, you need to create an account.

Mindvalley Homepage

Step #2. The next step is to enter the necessary billing details.

 Mindvalley Discount Coupon - Checkout Page

Step #3. Fill in the credit card or Paypal details.

Step #4. Enter the coupon code.

Step #5. On checking out you can enjoy the discount. 

Credit Card And PayPal Option

The Pricing Structure of Mindvalley

Mindvalley Pricing

It offers two membership plans. While the annual subscription costs $24.90 every month, the monthly subscription costs $59 per month. Both of the packages offer unlimited access to more than 100 quests, official certifications, assessments, monthly live coaching calls with Mindvalley’s authors, etc. Moreover, it offers access to Mindvalley Live, Mentoring, Meditations, and Private Social networks. 

Mindvalley Pricing Comparison: 

You may be confused between Mindvalley’s monthly membership and yearly membership, so let’s discuss this with all its members. 

If you have chosen monthly membership then you have to pay $59 per month which is a little bit expensive for anyone, so we suggest you go with yearly membership at $24.90 per month (billed yearly) and save 60% OFF. 

Below we have given a membership comparison chart that helps you to select the best plan for you. 

Features Monthly MembershipYearly Membership
Pricing$59 per month$24.90 per month (billed yearly)
Weekly Live Classes✔️✔️
Access All Mindvalley Quest✔️✔️
Lifetime Discount✔️
Access To New Quest✔️✔️
Private Social Community✔️✔️
Free Courses✔️✔️
Unlimited Access To Quest✔️
Money-Back Guarantee✔️✔️
AI Powered Learning✔️✔️
Mindvalley Mobile App✔️✔️
Mindvalley Unversity✔️✔️

What is included in Mindvalley All-Access Membership? 

It costs $499 to subscribe to Mindvalley’s All-Access Membership. It lets you access available Mindvalley Quests and all future Quests. You can also access its exclusive Quest communities. 


What’s more? Mindvalley All-Access Membership includes free certificates for particular Quests. You can also get on free live calls with their authors and new Quests. Its specialty is that Mindvalley provides mentoring sessions with Vishen Lakhiani!

Mindvalley University: 

Mindvalley University is the best mixture of college, campus, and curriculum in special events which last for 21 days. At this event, you will interact with your instructor, meet new people, and Vishen Lakhiani man behind Mindvalley. Anyone can join this event but you need to purchase a ticket for this event. If you are a member of Mindvalley you can simply mail them and they will teach you the process of buying a ticket.  

In the year 2022, the event was organized from 4 th July to 24 th of July in Tallinn Estonia. At this event, you can join many workshops on yourself to become a good version of yourself. You can also get the ticket from its official website. 

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Conclusion: Mindvalley Discount Coupon (2023)

Mindvalley offers multiple programs. However, with the Mindvalley discount coupon, you can avail yourself of the programs at affordable membership prices. Go grab a Mindvalley coupon before the deal expires. 

FAQs On Mindvalley

Is Mindvalley worth it in 2023?

One of the best educational platforms, Mindvalley focuses on self-development. Since experts teach the courses, the quality is fantastic. Mindvalley is worth it as the skills they teach you to come to aid in improving all areas of your life in 2022. 

Which is the best course on Mindvalley?

From ‘10X Fitness’ to ‘Be Extraordinary’, Mindvalley offers courses that cover a variety of aspects. It also provides high-value workshops from time to time. 

Does Mindvalley offer any free trial? 

Mindvalley offers 7 days of free trial for its new subscribers, so you can try Mindvalley free for 7 days.

Is there any student discount offered by Mindvalley?

Yes, Mindvalley is offering a student discount, to grab this discount you need to verify your student identity.

Can I get a refund on Mindvalley?

Absolutely, you can get your full refund within 15 days of purchasing it.

Can I pay my subscription in installments?

Unfortunately, they don’t accept payment in installments, but they offer this option as soon as it was possible.

Do they offer any discounts for military personnel?

Of course, they offer an exclusive discount for military personnel, to get this discount you need to verify your i.d with them. 

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