Shopify Discount Code 2024: (Exclusive 50% Discount)

Curious to know how to redeem Shopify Discount Code? If your answer is yes, you have arrived at the right blog post. 

Shopify is the leading commerce platform that allows everyone to set up an online store and sell their products whether you sell on social media, online, out of the trunk of your car, or in-store. 

So, here in this blog post, you will learn how to grab the Shopify Discount Code. Let’s begin. 

Available Shopify Discount Code: 

Its no doubt that Shopify is the leading commerce platform for selling your goods online. It offers 3 days of a free trial, so you can get familiar with this platform before purchasing its paid plan. But we have broken a special deal with Shopify where you can get a 25% discount on its annual plan by using your special discount code. 

Steps To Redeem Shopify Discount Code: 

Here in this section, we have given steps that you should follow to grab the Shopify Discount Code. So without any difficulty, let’s get inside into it. 

Step #1: First, you need to land on the official homepage of Shopify using our special premium link and click on Pricing. 

Note: The perk of using our special discount link is you don’t need to enter any discount code manually.  

Shopify official

Step #2: In this step, you will land on the pricing page, choose the yearly plan, and select any plan according to your need. Now click on the button. Try for free.  

Shopify Pricing

Step #3: You must create a store by filling in your email id, password, and store name. Now hit the button Create Your Store.  

Shopify create a store

Step #4: Now, in this step, you have to answer some simple questions about your business and click on Next.  

Answer some simple questions

Step #5: Your 14 days of the free trial started now; choose the yearly plan and click on the Billing Cycle.  

Step #6: Enter your billing address and choose the payment method. Now hit the button Start Now

 Payment method

Wow! You have successfully redeemed the Shopify Discount Code. Now enjoy Shopify service without any interruption.  

Shopify Pricing Plan: 

Shopify offers three different types of pricing plans for its subscribers. Let’s have an eye on all its pricing plans. 

1. Basic Plan: This plan is best for beginners and costs you $29 per month. It gives everything you need to create a store, process payments, and ship products. It offers features like: 

  • Basic Report 
  • Up to 4 inventory location 
  • 2 staff account 
  • Up to 77% shipping discount 

2. Shopify Plan: This plan helps you to level up your business with professional reporting and charge you $79 per month. It offers some features like: 

  • Professional Report 
  • Up to 88% shipping discount 
  • 5 inventory location 
  • 5 staff account

3. Advanced Plan: This plan gives you custom reporting, the lowest transaction fee, and costs you $299 per month. It offers features like: 

  • Custom report building 
  • 8 inventory location 
  • 88% shipping discount
  • 15 staff account 

Shopify 90 Days Offer: 

In the year 2020, when the pandemic was at its peak on that time Shopify announced 90 days of free trial for all its new subscribers. But this offer ended after some time and now they offer three days of a free trial for its users. Recently they have announced a special offer of 90 days of a free trial but the difference is that they charge $1 per month for this offer. 

During this special offer, you will get full access to all its features. This is the best offer who has just completed your free trial and haven’t purchased the Shopify premium plan and still want to continue the free trial then you have to pay just $1 per month for a 90-day free trial.

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Conclusion: Shopify Discount Code (2024) 

This step-by-step article will help you claim the Shopify Discount Code as we have already mentioned that we have broken a special deal with Shopify to claim a massive discount. 

Still, if you found any difficulty in claiming this deal or you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to mention your thoughts in the comment box below. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Shopify offer a free trial?

Shopify offers 14 days of a free trial for its new users, so you have 14 days to know about this platform’s features and services.

Do they offer any discount?

Absolutely; if you use our special discount link, you can get up to 50% discount on its annual plan.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely, you will easily cancel your Shopify subscription at any time when you want.

Do they charge any bandwidth fees?

Shopify doesn’t charge any kind of bandwidth fees because all its pricing plan includes unlimited bandwidth for free.

Is there any transaction fee?

There are no transaction fees for the store on Shopify payment, but if you choose a third-party payment provider you will be charged an additional fee of 2%, 1%, or 0.5% on its Basic, Shopify, and Advanced plan. 

Do they charge any setup fee?

Shopify doesn’t charge any setup fee on any of its pricing plans. 

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