Wix Promo Code 2023 — (Exclusive 50% Discount)

Wix Promo Code - Recomazing

Curious to know how to redeem Wix Promo Code? If so, then you have landed at the right place. 

Wix is a cloud-based website builder which includes design services and web hosting. It is an ideal website builder for medium and small eCommerce businesses. With more than 200 million active users across the world and is available in 17 languages. 

In this post, we have given steps that you should follow to redeem the Wix Promo Code. So without getting late, let’s begin. 

Available Wix Promo Code: 

If you explore Wix Promo Code, you will find many websites offering 30% discounts on Wix on their different Promo Codes. Most of these promo codes don’t work anymore or are expired. But still, there is one promo code that gives you a 10% discount on its yearly plan. If you enter Code “TAKE10” in the promo code section, you will immediately grab a 10% discount on the Wix Yearly plan. 

How To Redeem Wix Promo Code? (2023)

As we have already mentioned about the available Wix offer. Here in this section, we have given steps that you should follow to redeem the Wix Promo Code. 

Step #1: Visit the Wix Official Website.

Visit the official homepage of Wix by clicking this link. On the homepage, click on “Get Started.” 

 Wix official

Step #2: Sign Up For The Wix Account.

You must create an account by filling in your email and password and clicking on Sign Up. 

 Wix create an account

Step #3: Answer The Required Questions.

In this step, you need to answer some questions like “Have you created a website before?” Or “What kind of website are you creating?” and many more. 

Wix answer some questions

Step #4: Click On The Upgrade Button

You will redirect to the dashboard as you build some basic website pages. Now hit on the Upgrade button. 

Wix dashboard

Step #5: Choose a Wix Plan Of Your Choice

You will redirect to the pricing page, choose any plan according to your need and click on Select.  

 Wix pricing page

Step#6: Enter The Wix Promo Code

Now, you have to enter your payment details; you can make payments on Wix via Credit Cards or Debit Cards. After entering your card details, enter the promo code TAKE10 and click Submit Purchase. 

Congratulations! You have successfully redeemed Wix Promo Code. 

Wix Student Discount:

Wix offers discounts for students up to 50% on all its yearly plans. The student discount is applicable only for the first year only. To claim this discount you need to authenticate yourself as a student. You need to sign up on the Wix Student Bean with your student id to authenticate yourself as a student to claim this discount.

Wix Student Discount

Sign up on the student bean by using your personal mail id. If you don’t have a student mail id you can also upload your documents for being a student. As they verify your student identity you can create an account on Wix and grab a 50% discount.

Wix Pricing Plan: 

Wix offers two different types of plans, and they provide various pricing options. Let’s have a look. 

1. Website Plan:

The website plan has four different pricing options. 

  • Combo Plan: This plan will cost you $16 per month annually. This plan provides a free SSL certificate, no Wix ads, thirty minutes of video hours, a free domain for a year, and 2 GB of storage space. 
  • Unlimited Plan: This plan will cost you $22 per month annually. It offers features like a booster app for the site, a $300 ad voucher, 5 GB storage space, an analytic visitor gap, and 60 minutes of video hours. 
  • Pro Plan: This plan will cost you $27 per month annually. It offers features like storage space of 50 GB, an event calendar app, 2 hours of video, social media logo files, and a professional logo. 
  • VIP Plan: This plan will cost you $45 per month annually. It offers features like 5 hours of video hours, priority customer support, and 100 GB of storage space. 

2. Business & eCommerce Plan:

This category offers three different types of pricing plans. Let’s get inside it. 

  • Business Basic: If you choose this plan, you will be annually charged $27 per month. This plan offers 50 GB of storage space, a custom domain, no Wix ads, one year of free domain, 5 video hours, cart recovery, and secure online payments. 
  • Business Unlimited: If you choose this plan, you will be charged $32 per month annually. This plan offers storage space of 100 GB, marketplace sales, 1000 reviews on KudoBuzz, 100 transactions per month, 10 video hours, and multiple currencies. 
  • Business VIP: If you choose this plan, you will be annually charged $59 per month. This plan offers customized reports, unlimited storage space, unlimited dropship products, 500 transactions per month, and building your online store. 

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Conclusion: Wix Promo Code (2023)

I hope this article will help you redeem the Wix Promo code. Wix allows you to create and design your website as you want. You can create an online store, blog, and online presence for your business. 

Still, if you have any queries or doubts, don’t hesitate to comment on your thought in the comment box below. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Wix offer any type of coupon or promo code?

If you use our exclusive discount link and promo code “TAKE10,” you will instantly get a 10% discount on Wix.

What types of online payment does WIX accept?

You can make payments on Wix by using all major types of debit and credit cards, such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners, JCB, and Discover. More payment option is available according to your specific location.

Do I get a refund on Wix? 

If you are unsatisfied with the features and service of Wix, you can claim your full refund within 14 days of purchasing this tool.

How can I find my billing details?

To find your billing details, first, you have to log in to the Wix account and choose the billing and payment option. On the billing and payment page, you will get all your billing and subscription history in front of you.

Is there any student discount on Wix?

Wix offers a 50% discount on all its annual plans with its Student Beans ID. To get an instant access discount you need to verify your student status with Wix Student Beans.

Where can I get my billing details?

First of all login to your Wix account and select the billing and payment option at the top right of the page. There you will get all your billing and subscription history.

Can I get a free domain on Wix? 

Of course, on selecting the Premium plans you can get one year of domain name voucher.

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