Teachable Coupon Code 2024 – Exclusive 33% Discount

On the fence about choosing Teachable? Before you do that, check out this Teachable coupon code to save up to 50% on your purchase.

No doubt!! Teachable is one of the best online course creation platforms available out there. But it is not cheap.

That’s why I brought you this Teachable coupon code to help you save a few bucks on your purchase.

What’s More! I will also explain a step-by-step guide to claiming this coupon offer.

So let’s get started.

Available Teachable Discount Coupon Codes (2024)

Here are the best Teachable coupon codes you can use:

Coupon 1. An ongoing discount is available on Teachable, where you will get a 33% discount on all its yearly plans. You must select the annual plan and get a 33% massive discount to grab this deal.

Coupon 2. Use coupon code “MAGIC10” to save 10% on the Pro plan of Teachable. You can use this discount offer for the first year of your Teachable subscription. You will get 10% off for 12 months on the Pro plan.

So these are the working coupon codes of Teachable. If you want to use Teachable for a very short period of time, then use the first coupon to get 50% off on your purchase instantly. But if you plan to use Teachable for a long time, then you should choose the second coupon, which will also give you more discount in the long run. You can also check the official Teachable.Coupons website to get exclusive discounts.

How To Claim Teachable Coupon Code Easily?

I’ve explained the active offers on Teachable. Now I am going to explain the process of claiming these offers without any hassle. Let’s get into detail.

Step #1: If you don’t find the offers on the website, then visit the official website of Teachable using this unique link. This will activate the offer for you automatically. Now head over to the pricing section of Teachable.

Teachable Coupon Code - Overview

Step #2: There are four pricing options available on Teachable. You need to select any one of the premium plans. For these coupons to work, you need to select the Pro plan and click on the “Select Plan” button.

Choose A Plan By Clicking On The Select Button

Step #3: Now, you need to set up your account. You can use your email and password to log in if you have a Teachable account. If not, then enter your email address and click on the “Proceed to Payment” button. 

Teachable - Create A Account

Now It will ask you to enter your name, password, and school name. Again you need to click on the same proceed to payment button.

Step #4: It will take you to the checkout pop-up. Click on the pricing to see the pricing of the plan you’ve selected. You will see an apply coupon button, click on it, and enter your chosen coupon code. The discount will be applied immediately.

Teachable - Billing Address

Step #5: Now, enter your address, country, ZIP code, and state. If your shipping address is similar to the billing address, then turn on the “Shipping address same as Billing” option. Click on the Next button, and it will ask you to fill out your credit card details to complete the purchase.

As soon as you purchase a subscription on Teachable, your account will be upgraded from the Free plan to your selected plan. Now you can use the premium features of Teachable to create as many courses as you want.

Teachable Overview: 

Teachable is one platform that creates and sells online courses. Teachable offers lots of robust tools for selling and marketing your online courses. It is very simple to use, even if you are a beginner. 

Teachable Overview

Teachable offers everything you need to create and sell courses online, which is very easy to navigate for your students. With Teachable, you can easily upload content that includes videos, presentations, audio, text, and images, making your school engaging. You can also add quizzes for your students at the end of the module. 

Key Features Of Teachable:

Here we have given the key features of Teachable. Let’s have a look.

  • Create stunning websites
  • Discussion forums
  • Create stunning media lectures
  • Publish sales page
  • Support Integration
  • Advanced pricing options
  • Promotion & Coupons
  • Accepts international payments
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Security and Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • Course-wide student insight
  • Quizzes
  • Analytics

Who Can Use Teachable? 

Teachable is the best and most reliable platform for those who want to share their knowledge with everyone. On Teachable, you can create stunning courses to sell or offer free courses to the community. With the Teachable Free plan, you can enroll as many students as you want, but you can create only one course. 

You can build a perfect school containing various courses and offering access to students an assertive amount. You can also give access to the students in one go, or you will charge them via subscription and offer your content accordingly. One of the best SEO experts like, Matt Diggity, has created his own course, “The Affiliate Lab,” on Teachable. 

Pricing Plans of Teachable

Note: If you want to use Teachable for free, check out our Teachable Free Trial here.

As mentioned in the above section, Teachable offers five different pricing options to its users. Let’s check out the pricing & features of those plans.


1. Free Plan:

The free plan does not cost you anything and offers you limited Teachable features forever. This plan is suitable for beginners who don’t know anything about creating a course. Some of the features are instant payouts, the ability to add unlimited students, create unlimited courses, and provide unlimited coaching services, product bundles, course design templates, one-user access, product support, basic quizzes, and third-party integrations. With this plan, you have to pay $1+10% per transaction.

2. Basic Plan:

The pricing of the Basic plan is $59/mo or $39/mo annually. This is the best choice to upgrade from the free plan. This plan gives you access to all the features of the Free plan. This plan charges you a 5% fee for every transaction. This plan gives you access to the members-only community, two-user access, product support, course creator training, custom domain support, coupon codes, drip course content, integrated email marketing, and a private student community.

3. Pro Plan:

The pricing of the Pro plan is $159/mo or $119/mo annually. With this plan, you get access to all the Basic plan features, and there is no transaction free will be charged to you. This plan gives you access to five-user access, priority product support, graded quizzes, advanced reports, an unbranded website, course completion certificates, course compliance, integrated affiliate marketing, and group coaching calls.

4. Pro+ Plan: 

The pricing of the Pro+ plan is $249/month or $199/month annually. With this plan, you will get access to all the features of the Pro plan, plus you can create upto 200 courses, 200 coaching products, 200 digital downloads, 200 product bundles, and custom user roles.

5. Business Plan:

The pricing of the Business plan is $665/mo or $499/mo annually. With this plan, you will get features advanced features like advanced theme customization, advanced reporting, public API, a dedicated customer success manager, and live chat.

These are pricing options available on Teachable. I hope this data will help you in making your decision.

Pros & Cons Of Teachable

Here in this section, we have listed the pros & cons of Teachable. So without any hassle, let’s dive into it. 


  • Easy to use
  • Deliver Professional Courses
  • Available Affiliate Program 
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Zero maintenance Cost
  • Offer Marketing Tool
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Create Courses As you Want
  • 24/7 Customer Support


  • Limited Site Theme
  • Little Bit Expensive

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Conclusion: Teachable Coupon Code

It is hard to create an online course manually. That’s where Teachable comes in with its extraordinary features. You can easily create unlimited courses and add unlimited students to your courses. With the first two plans, you will need to pay the transaction fees, but you don’t need to pay any transaction fees with other plans. So choose the plan based on your requirements.

I hope you save a few bucks on your purchase with this Teachable coupon code. Let me know your thoughts on this exclusive Teachable Coupon offer in the comments below.

FAQs On Teachable Coupon Code

Can I create courses on Teachable for free?

With the free plan of Teachable, you can create unlimited courses and sell them on Teachable. You only need to pay a $1+10% fee for every transaction.

Can I get a refund on Teachable?

Yes, you can get a refund on Teachable only if you apply for it within 30 days of your purchase of the Teachable subscription.

How much discount can I get on Teachable using this coupon code?

You can get up to 33% off on your Teachable Pro plan subscription purchase. If you renew the Teachable plan every month with the coupon “MAGIC10,” then you can get 10% off every month.

Does Teachable charge any transaction fee?

Yes, Teachable charges transaction fees on the free plan, which is $1+10% per transaction, and on the basic plan, which is 5% per transaction.

How many courses can I create with a Teachable free plan?

You can create unlimited courses with the Teachable free plan.

Does Teachable offer a free trial?

Teachable does not offer any kind of free trial for its users, but it offers a Free plan where you can create your courses from scratch.

What type of payment method does Teachable accept?

Teachable accepts all major types of debit and credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and AmericanExpress.

Is Teachable best for online courses?

Of course, Teachable is the best platform for online courses. On Teachable, you can get a wide range of online courses, webinars, and training programs.

What is a Teachable Launch Accelerator?

Launch Accelerator is a brand new tool which is launched by Teachable, it helps you to create and sell courses within 30 days. 

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