Confessions of a social media exec on influencer marketing: ‘We threw too much money at them’

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This social media exec argues that money has soured the relationship between brands and their influencers, so much that that hiring influencers will become a trend of the past. At Recomazing, we think it is important to hold influencers accountable for developing advocacy amongst their audiences, resulting in real people (everyday influencers), authentically recommending their favorite businesses to their friends.

How the NSW Government is raising customer experience standards

Read time: 4 mins

Check out how the NSW government is revamping its customer service, whilst simultaneously boosting its public image. Since the overhaul, govt services are now rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by the public. No more dreading those trips to the RTA!

Millennials love and hate video ads

Read time: 1.5 mins

This article reveals why the millennial generation is most likely to install ad blockers and mute video ads. Reasons include they get served too many ads (58.9%) and are shown the same ad repeatedly (49.4%). On top of this, millennials demand authenticity from brands, with nearly three-quarters (74%) saying they lose trust in a brand if an ad feels fake.

The ability to reach Millennials from a point of authenticity, such as a trusted business recommendation from a friend, should become an integral part of digital advocacy strategies moving forward.

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