How to build brand advocacy in 5 steps

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According to Deloitte, customers that are referred by other customers have a 37% higher retention rate.  Customers attach themselves to a brand through a variety of drivers. To be effective, it is important to identify the specific reasons customers love your brand and then amplify them. Frequently, advocacy stems from offering a quality product or service, but the additional benefits offered through customer service and personalised engagement can help set a brand apart from the competition.

Making an ASOS of your customer service

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mUmBRELLA’s Dr. Mumbo describes the downfalls of using computer automation to answer customer service queries, using the ASOS Facebook page as a prime example. From hilariously misspelled names to posts that simply don’t make any sense, the ASOS page has been transformed into a source of laughs for consumers, and a source of learning for other businesses. The moral of the story? Generating advocacy requires businesses to provide customers with genuine positive experiences, we need to ensure this is not jeopardised through automation tools.

Qantas, NAB, and Westpac invest in data startup

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This article reveals why three of Australia’s largest corporations have invested heavily in customer-led innovation in order to identify what customers truly want. Qantas, NAB, and Westpac recently invested $10.5 billion collectively in Data Republic, a start-up that fosters data exchange between organisations to enrich customer insight. This venture is a good example of how customer insights and data are playing a strong and valuable role in improving customer experience.

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