5 easy steps to get customer recommendations

To ensure friends are helping each other by recommending your business, you need to send them to your Recomazing public profile and ask them for a reco.

Recommending an amazing business is super-easy, customers give a business a reco in one click.

Here are 5 easy steps to get your customer recommendations rolling.

1. Create an account add a Business Profile

If you haven’t already, head here to get setup. It takes approx. 3 mins - I just timed it.

2. Find your public business profile 

Sign into you business account here and go to your business profile using the Jump to menu. Copy your Public Profile link.


3. Send a reco request email 

Email is the easiest way to get started. Copy & paste this text and send to any employees or customers that would recommend you:

Subject: Help us grow with a reco!

If you love what we do as much as we do, please recommend us to your friends on Recomazing.

Recomazing is a new, social recommendation website that lets Facebook friends share, request and store each others trusted recos to help easily find amazing businesses when in need.

Give us a reco in one click here recomazing.com/business/insert your Public Profile

4. Ask your social communities  

Use the share icons on the right

On your social pages, using this copy:


If you love what we do please recommend us on Recomazing in one click. You’ll help us and help your friends when they a need trusted business. <insert your Public Profile >


Help your mates & help us too! Recommend us to Facebook friends in just one click on Recomazing. <insert your Public Profile > 

Tip: You might need to shorten your Public Profile URL using a tool like Bitly.


Trust our service? Recommend us to your Facebook friends in one click on Recomazing & help your friends when they need a trusted business. <insert your Public Profile >

5. Put a reco reminder on your email signature. 

Put one of these on your email signature to have an ‘always on’ referral engine.

Just ensure the image links to your public profile page or is displayed beneath.

You can download more assets and copy from our Toolkit page.

Looking forward to seeing how many recos you get

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