How does Recomazing benefit my business?

Amazing business owners told us they had 5 key pain points with their existing marketing solutions so when creating Recomazing we set out to solve all of them:

1. A marketing service that directly linked to sales.

The only social network dedicated to the most valuable part of a potential customer’s journey - when they are looking for a friend recommendation before making a purchase decision.  

2. A genuine, positive space.

No more fake accounts or false reviews from randoms, just trusted groups of friends recommending your business.

3. Resource friendly.

No more investing time and money posting content to your profile page.

No more time spent managing your community, just focus on keeping more customers happy through great customer service.

4. Supercharge positive word of mouth.

Enables your own happy customers to be your most effective marketing tool. 

5. A level playing field.

Unlike other review sites we don’t give preference to paying businesses over non-paying businesses. If someone is looking for a business and their friend recommends you then you will show up.

We also don’t allow businesses to incentivise customers to get a reco. It puts the focus on your ability to deliver great customer service rather than your marketing budget. 

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