Social proof and getting your first Recomazing reco

We’ve all seen the power of social proof, the psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behaviour for a given situation. It’s the force behind why bouncers create artificial queues outside nightclubs, […]

5 easy steps to get customer recommendations

To ensure friends are helping each other by recommending your business, you need to send them to your Recomazing public profile and ask them for a reco. Recommending an amazing business is super-easy, customers give a business a reco in […]

How does Recomazing benefit my business?

Amazing business owners told us they had 5 key pain points with their existing marketing solutions so when creating Recomazing we set out to solve all of them: 1. A marketing service that directly linked to sales. The only social […]

How to add your business to Recomazing

Follow these quick steps to get your business added to Recomazing so customers can start recommending you to their friends. Login to your Recomazing here (if you haven’t got a user account yet create one here) You can do this through […]

How does Recomazing work for businesses?

Below is a quick overview of how Recomazing works for businesses see the full user journey to reco a business  &  user journey to find a reco. Create a Business Account to receive your free Business Profile  (if you want […]

Recomazing user journey - find a reco

Here’s how users can find business recommendations on Recomazing. Connect via Facebook Connecting via Facebook allows us to find your friends. We never post without your permission. Search for recos    Start typing a service category into the search field and […]