How does Recomazing work for businesses?

Below is a quick overview of how Recomazing works for businesses see the full user journey to reco a business  &  user journey to find a reco.

  1. Create a Business Account to receive your free Business Profile  (if you want more detailed information on how to do this you can view this post)
  2. Send your customers to your Business Profile Page where they can recommend you to friends with just one click (Pro Tip: Read this post or visit our Business Toolkit to access helpful images and copy to ask for recos)
  3. Customers connect via Facebook to login and save their reco
  4. Recos are saved to your Recomazing profile - customers can also share to their friends on Facebook or Twitter
  5. Your business profile will appear in search when customers friends’ are looking for business in your category
  6. Once customers start recommending your business, use the Business Insights Dashboard. You can see who has recommended you, what they have said and how many referred customers are visiting your Business Profile Page.

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