How to add your business to Recomazing

Follow these quick steps to get your business added to Recomazing so customers can start recommending you to their friends.

  1. Login to your Recomazing here (if you haven’t got a user account yet create one here)
  2. You can do this through your business email or alternatively you can sign in through Facebook (logging in through Facebook is particularly handy if you want to be able to toggle between your Business Profile and User Profile in one account).
  3. Simply follow the prompts to add a Business Profile for each business you represent.  Once you have added your business name, category and contact details you will receive a unique link to your Business Profile Page and will be ready to ask for recos

And that’s it - easy right! Read more on how to start asking for recos here.

Top Tip: You’ll only be able to see details of your own business when signed into the business account section. Use the navigation menu to visit the main Recomazing site. This is where you can recommend other amazing businesses and invite your friends to join.

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