Consumers don’t trust ads. They want recommendations from friends.

Trust and advertising.

Not two words that tend to go together very often. Every year Nielsen’s global survey reports on which channels consumers trust and act upon when they’re looking to make a purchase. And every year the channels businesses turn to most often end up at the bottom of the pile. Check it out:

Investing AdWords or running a local radio ad can be a great way to get your name out there, but it won’t lead to more sales unless consumers believe they can trust the service you’re offering.

Online reviews can’t always be trusted

Review sites go some way to instilling trust. But as a consumer they can be a real challenge. Finding a business which offers genuinely great service often means trawling through pages of positive and negative reviews. And not knowing which ones are genuine and which ones have been written by the business themselves.

It’s well reported that the practice of “astroturfing” (making up positive reviews about businesses) is common. You can read more about the shady world of anonymous reviews here.

Friend recommendations are number 1 

Unsurprisingly word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family are the most trusted and acted upon source of information with 84% of consumers trusted them. More than any other source.

But until now, there has been nowhere to find and save these friend recommendations. Or for businesses to ask their happy customers for a recommendation.

That’s why we created Recomazing. Find out more about how Recomazing works for businesses here.

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