What is Recomazing? Friends helping friends find amazing businesses


We’ve all been there.

In need of a trusted business.

A punctual builder, switched-on accountant, inspiring personal trainer or solid telco.

The first place we normally turn is our friends and family. A chat over the BBQ or question at breakfast. Does anyone know a good.. ?

But you often don’t know the best person to ask. Or how to ask them.

Social media has put all our friends in one place. Now Recomazing  puts your friends’ trusted business recommendations in one place.

Recomazing is a free service for friends to help each other find, share and store recommendations for businesses they trust. Giving a business a reco on Recomazing is like you telling your friend that you trust their service, and they should try them out.

Recomazing is super simple to use.

There’s no need to leave a length review. A reco on Recomazing is one click.

Recomazing connects via Facebook, so your friends will be waiting. 

You don’t need to search to find friends. Simply login and you’ll have access to your Facebook friends on Recomazing at any time.

Advice from friends instead of anonymous profiles (or fakes) 

We’re not a review site. You won’t need to trawl through thousands of reviews from randoms. We just show you the businesses your friends (or friends of friends) recommend. So you only need one reco to find an amazing business.

No incentivisation allowed 

Unlike some review sites, we never directly reward users for their recos. And businesses are not allowed to either. This means your friends recos are genuine and credible.

Help your friends. And reward amazing service. 

Reward great service and help your friends. Give a business a reco on Recomazing and your friends can find it when they’re in need.

Create an account and start asking for recos here.

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